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Floating colonial hydrozoan - medusae +
Floating colonial hydrozoan - medusae
Porpita is a colonial hydrozoan which lives floating on the sea surface. The polyps are arranged concentrically on the lower surface of a hard, chitinous central disk. There is a large central polyp (gastrozooid) around of which are arranged numerous gastro-gonozoids, polyps responsible for food intake and production of jellyfish. The dactilozooids are the polyps responsible for capturing food and defense, being located more externally.

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Spionid polychaete +
Spionid polychaete
6-chaetiger pelagic larva.

Plankton: microscopic giants

Although generally small in size, planktonic beings are giants in stature. Basis of marine food chains, the plankton (Greek planktos, drifting) comprises a great diversity of uni- and multicellular organisms … Click to keep reading and start the tour.

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Juvenile sea biscuit +
Juvenile sea biscuit
Anus on the juvenile aboral surface (red curved structure).

The life cycle of an echinoderm

In this tour you can follow the life stages of the sea biscuit Clypeaster subdepressus. This echinoderm is related to sea urchins, but its body is flattened and it lives … Click to keep reading and start the tour.

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Sabellid polychaete +
Sabellid polychaete

Araçá Bay

The Araçá Bay (São Sebastião, State of São Paulo), within one of Brazil’s most beautiful coastlines, has small relict mangrove stands and a very diverse marine ecosystem. As such, the … Click to keep reading and start the tour.

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Tornaria larva +
Tornaria larva

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