Cifonauta marine biology image database

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Cifonauta is an image database containing a wide variety of photos and videos from scientific activities in marine biology. The images contain taxonomic classification, life stage, habitat, and other information that let you browse intuitively.

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In addition to representative photos of each taxon we made available sequential images of the same organism to allow a more complete view of their morphology and dimensionality.


Short footage material showing aspects of the biology of organisms such as development, locomotion, behavior, and reproduction.


Selection of images from the database on a specific topic with descriptive text and slideshow. See our available tours.


  • Nematoda +
    General view.
  • Fire worm +
    Fire worm
  • Hydroid +
  • Hydromedusa +
    Adult medusa. The jellyfish Olindas sambaquiensis is common in the southeastern coast of Brazil, especially in winter and autumn. The swimmers known them by their vivid color stinging tentacles.
  • Bryozoan +
  • Floating colonial hydroid, lateral view +
    Floating colonial hydroid, lateral view
    Porpita is a colonial hydrozoan which lives floating on the sea surface. The polyps are arranged concentrically on the lower surface of a hard, chitinous central disk. There is a large central polyp (gastrozooid) around of which are arranged numerous gastro-gonozoids, polyps responsible for food intake and production of jellyfish. The dactilozooids are the polyps responsible for capturing food and defense, being located more externally.
  • Brittle star +
    Brittle star
    Soft-coral with an invasive brittle star species.
  • Brittle star +
    Brittle star
    Soft-coral with an invasive brittle star species.