marine biology image database

Planned features

Feature wishlist for our image database. If you have additional ideas please use our feedback form!

jQuery and Ajax

Improve usability with JavaScript. Some ideas below.

Search autocomplete

Accessing taxa hierarchy while typing would be practical, specially if there is a way to browse up and down the nodes.

Linear browser

Update image without reloading the whole page.


Refine your search queries without reloading the page.

Informative tooltips

Fill website with useful tooltips with short explanatinos about each metadata (common names, description) and sections (external databases).

User accounts

Will allow users to mark favorites and organize their own lists and collections.

API development

Database is accessible with a structured url, but to really allow content integration with other services, mashups and programmatic access to data an API is essential.

Integration, norms and semantic web

Padronize information to follow linked data protocols (eg, LSID).

Mobile version

Mobile layout, Android and iPhone app would be interesting (API dependent).

Institutional images

Special page or collection of CEBIMar institutional photos organized by albums. It should be separate from the regular database.