marine biology image database

Technical details

This image database is built from metadata embedded in photo and video files. Metadata are information stored into a file about the file itself. In this case we store information about the species, stage of life, habitat, etc... of the organism shown or even geolocation data and the city where the photo was taken.

Metadata is written to files with an editor, a desktop app developed for this project and named Véliger. The files are read by a robot, called Cifonauta, that extracts metadata information and upload or update images on this website.


Véliger metadata editor was developed in Python with a Qt user interface. You can add/edit metadata from photos and videos, including geolocation (via GoogleMaps) and related bibliographic references (via MendeleyAPI). Below is a recent screenshot of the program interface:
Véliger -- Editor de Metadados


Cifonauta manager robot is a Python script that detects new images and modified files, extracts metadata and updates our database.


Website application and interface is built with Django framework and a PostgreSQL database.

Programs and third party libraries


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